• Coastline protection
  • Seaport security
  • Oil and gas sites
  • Border control
  • Armored vehicles
Our goal

Nircom has extensive knowledge and experience in border control and protection projects. Our systems continuously monitor inter-state border and borderless spaces to detect, track, recognize and intercept the various threats and minimize cross-border violations.

Objectives: Law & Order enforcement, Crime prevention, Deterrence, Situation awareness.

Our solution
  • Advanced stationary, mobile and airborn observation devices.
  • Integrated and advanced detection and analytical features to enhance surveillance operational effectiveness – VMD (video motion detection), tracking, path prediction, prioritization and recommendations for action.
  • An advanced Command & Control system for centralized management and situational awareness.
  • Ability to respond to a variety of scenarios simultaneously.
  • Operational effectiveness on both sides of the border, including internal areas, if necessary.
  • Utilizing existing communication infrastructures in the region, which can be extended by wireless systems.
  • Easy extension of the system to additional areas as needed – a scalable and robotic system.
  • The system uses the existing infrastructure in the local civilian sectors, leveraging the public as a warning agent and first responder, as appropriate.


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