• Electricity
  • Gas and oil
  • Water
  • Others
Our goal

Nircom provides a foolproof suite of protection solutions for critical sites by integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies into a complete solution for surveillance, detection, real time situational awareness, and the effective management and response to any security event or crisis at the site.

Our multi-layer solution
  • First layer – Detection

Radar, Video Motion Detection, Electronic Vibration Detection Fences, Fiber Optic Sensors, Access Control, Smart Lock Systems.

  • Second layer – Verification, Tracking and Surveillance

CCTV Cameras, Electro Optic Thermal Sensors, Mobile Surveillance Vehicles.

  • Third layer – Command, Control and Response including cyber protection

Security Management C&C System, Sensor Data Analysis, Event Management Tools, Response Team Management, Recording and Debriefing.


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