• Natural disasters (earthquakes, fire, floods, blizzards, tsunami, etc)
  • Infrastructure collapse (water, electricity, communication etc)
  • Others
Our goal

Our systems organize, link and manage resources and teams in order to control, restrain, and reduce damage from hazards. Our proven systems implement preparedness, response and recovery methods to swiftly overcome and deal with disasters.

Our solution
  • Enable communication without depending on any infrastructure.
  • Create independent communication cloud over the disaster area.
  • Best communication systems for first responders.
  • Enable voice data and high video data rates.
  • Dual use for military and civilian solutions, connect any to any.
  • Command and control centers.
  • Unify situational awareness pictures (combining zone maps, video and information layers, event and response information into a unified picture of the situation).
  • Event management (supports the operator with event processing, assists operator decision making, reduces event management time and frees up operator resources).
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