• Crime and pedophilia detection
  • Public unrest
  • Prison protection systems
  • Water management
  • Terrorism
  • Others
Our goal

To enhance a city’s security, ¬†safety, and quality of life using advanced technology that integrates all urban security authorities to deal collaboratively with complex challenges such as crime, riots, terrorism, environmental damage, and continuity of water and electricity supplies.

Our solution
  • Integrate various communication channels & technologies (radio HF/VHF/UHF, intercom, telephony, public announcement) into one unified network.
  • Command and control centers.
  • Public safety dispatch centers.
  • Situation awareness solutions.
  • Strategic utilities, sites, buildings, communication centers.
  • Transportation centers (railway stations, subways, ports, airports, air traffic control centers, tunnels)
  • Full management of video recordings (automatic guidance and tracking, showing direct video streams from cameras selected by the operator, management of PTZ cameras, operator interface for the recording and playback system).
  • Unify situational awareness images (combining zone maps, video and information layers, event and response information into a unified picture of the situation).
  • Event management (supports the operator with event processing, assists operator decision making, reduces event management time and frees up operator resources).


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